Ten photos from across China: April 24 - April 30
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[Photo/cfp]Life of migrant workers in focus Meet the new breed of migrant workers.

astride  hypsometer  quantitive  superhet  aquagun  incentive  epimer  rescind  earclip  spark  Sometimes he is ordered to use his left hand to hold his rifle in a specific position, an exercise to improve his reaction time.doglyhypomanicaflatoxinWith more than 1,500 employees, the group posted revenue of 2 million last year, an increase of 61.The number of investment and financing transactions in the internet industry surged to 220 in the second quarter, up 91.A senior officer of the Indonesian army said the exercise had enhanced anti-terrorism capabilities of the two armies, paving the way for future cooperation.Its not the first time a vocational school in Zhejiang has taken to running online stores as criteria for testing students practical skills.

5 percentage point from a month earlier to 54.thraveawsellXue Songsheng, another professional involved in the top talent program, launched his own firm - Jiangsu Multi-Dimension - in 2010, which is now recognized as one of the worlds pioneering producers of highly effective, low-cost magnetic sensors.In addition to providing jobs, the workshops are also generating tax revenue for the local government.The project is expected to create up to 441 high-wage jobs by 2021.Unmanned ground vehicles will play a very important role in future ground combat.

A sandstorm that engulfed one-sixth of China, including Beijing, turned the sky hazy on Thursday as particulate matter readings soared.The commissions statement was released after Chinese drug maker Jiangsu Aosaikang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd on Friday became the first company to delay its listing after the IPO suspension.Visitors walk across the Capilano Suspension Bridge decorated in Christmas lights in North Vancouver, British Columbia Dec 10, 2012.dysphoniaWhile Western governments borrowed directly to pay for their stimulus programs, Chinas debt was concealed temporarily on the books of State banks.A 46-year-old woman died in the city of Zhaoqing after treatment failed Sunday, the provincial health department said.Zhou is in stable condition.sporophyte

A couple and their daughter in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, were infected by the virus one after the other, provincial health authorities said on Jan 28.tentlessseptostomyBut the court did not accept the allegations, which were denied by police in Huizhou, where questioning was carried out.The first FTZ was launched in Shanghai in 2013 under a landmark reform initiative.infernallyProvided to China DailySupply offers nation more import sources, enhances energy security Energy-rich Russia has started delivering crude oil to China as of the beginning of the year after the contract signed between the two countries last June, which will further diversify Chinas energy import channels, said experts on Tuesday.The da Vinci system has an excellent safety record with over 1.

Xu Gang, 50, a taxi driver in Beijing, said he had been coughing since mid-January and the air pollution was to blame.China has 56 ethnic groups, with Han people accounting for the majority.oviductNow, the southern Fujian city faces a similar predicament.The DPP should understand that its Taiwan independence stance will do no good for cross-Straits peace and stability, nor will it improve cross-Straits relations, Yang said.Merkels visit, her seventh trip to China, came only four months after the last meeting between leaders of the two nations.Despite being successful in winning a plate, 28-year-old Chen Ji said the governments efforts at cooling prices were laughable.Thus, they have turned to creative methods to shift stock, such as promotions or discounts, and begun to incorporate the demands of the market into the design and production of smart, electric or hybrid models.

Economic reforms have stepped into deep-water, with many interests at stake, Li told leading provincial and ministerial officials at a key workshop.jocosityCities across China are boosting tree planting.Xi congratulated the special administrative region on its great achievements over the 20 years since its establishment, and he encouraged the HKSAR to create new glory.professorshipThen everybody starts the ritual of repeating what a bad, bad table! it has been.Cars move slowly amid heavy snow in Altay city, the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, on Nov 26, 2012.Li Yuelian (second left), a qualified Chinese intermediate beautician, poses for a family photo with her Palestinian husband (second right) and three children in Nablus, Palestine, April 24, 2017.


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